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GfK GeoMarketing Magazine 02/2013


by Wolfram Scholz, Managing director, GfK GeoMarketing.

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News & important dates

Get the latest news on market data and a new tutorial.
You can visit GfK GeoMarketing this year at trade fairs in Germany and take advantage of live presentations of our geomarketing solutions.

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Create optimal sales territories with RegioGraph's flexible planning options

RegioGraph 2013 sets new standards in sales territory planning and optimization. Among other new features, the latest version of the software lets users plan multiple structures on a single map. This is the feature our magazine readers most wanted to see. Read on to find out all of the advantages offered by this and other new additions to the software.

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European retail scene

GfK GeoMarketing has carried out a new study on European retail. The information was compiled and evaluated as part of a commission from the European Shopping Centre Trust (ESCT). Published as an English-language compendium, the study provides a Europe-wide overview of retail-relevant data. Read on to learn more about the key findings of the study.

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Tutorial: New features for navigating worksheets and maps

Improved worksheet navigation is one of the many new additions to RegioGraph 2013. Users can now double-click the map to switch to a maximized map view. These new features can be accessed in the status bar along the bottom of the screen.

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Pinpoint the locations of financial product consumers with GfK dataset

The new study GfK Financial Market Services 2013 reveals the regional distribution of insurance and financial accounts of households in Germany. Insurance providers and banks can use this information to estimate the regional potential for financial services.

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To the point: GfK market data shows you precisely where to find untapped potential

There's no need to guess where you should position your business. Regionalized GfK data on market potential shows you exactly where you need to be to exploit the available market potential, whether you operate with an external sales force, via point-of-sale transactions, retailer locations, logistics sites or advertising. And our data gives you a reliable instrument for measuring the extent of your market exploitation.

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RegioGraph helps Stuttgart police better allocate personnel

The Stuttgart police force is responsible for responding to organized and white-collar crime as well as managing and coordinating police sites and trans-regional police operations. RegioGraph has supported the force in these endeavors for several years. A contribution by Andreas Baldt, Stuttgart regional administrative authority.

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Downloads & tips

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