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Our geomarketing solutions and consultancy allow our clients an objective evaluation of the location-specific factors that impact the success of business sites, shops, sales territories, target groups as well as chain store and distribution networks. We accompany you every step of the way with our trademark GfK quality standards, in-depth geomarketing knowledge, innovative geostatistical methods and the experience and passion of our geomarketing experts.

Our international, branch-specific location and geomarketing expertise steers your company or project toward success, whether at home or abroad. We are at home in all markets thanks to our on-site presence across the globe, from Germany to China to the US.

And we offer concrete options and recommendations that promote profitability and sustainability. Put simply, we find the right locations for your customers and products to meet, worldwide.

GfK’s geomarketing solutions deliver answers to the many “where” questions that companies face:

  • Where can you find your target groups, and how can you best reach them?
  • Where are regions and locations that are (likely to be) successful, and why?
  • Where and how can you better tap existing market potential?

GfK’s geomarketing solutions include regional market analyses, target group localization, sales territory planning, digital maps and regional market data as well as appraisals of real estate, locations and sales networks for the industry, retail and manufacturing sectors.

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