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Good market data enables companies to make more informed business decisions that enhance productivity and success. Regional market data from GfK provides an objective foundation for making these decisions, allowing companies to answer a wide array of questions, including:

  • Where are the areas of highest turnover potential?
  • Where are my target groups located?
  • Which sales regions have the greatest growth potential?
  • What does my customer base look like and how do I best reach them?
  • What is the typical living environment favored by my potential customers?
  • What is the difference between those interested in my products and services and those who actually buy them; what's the difference between loyal customers and one-time purchasers?

Market data is available at a variety of detail levels, depending on the customer's needs. For example, broad overview data is frequently sufficient in the case of a company interested in assessing its turnover situation and planning accordingly. For this kind of task, market data at the level of counties, municipalities or postcodes usually suffices. However, in the case of evaluating specific locations or identifying areas of high potential, more detailed market data - e.g., at the level of street segments - is frequently warranted.


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